What is a Baby Nest and where do I use it?

  • Baby nests are designed to be comfy lounging stations for little ones. You can use yours for supervised tummy time, play time, snuggle time, as a changing station or really just any time you need to put baby down in a comforting spot. The nest is a cozy spot for babies & toddlers to rest and is ideal for safely easing the crib-to-bed transition. They are lightweight and incredibly easy to travel, camp and generally enjoy. Evergreen Baby's nests provide a cozy, safe and non-toxic environment for your little ones anywhere they go. 
  • You can use your Nest virtually anywhere from the house, camping, lounging at the park or at grandma's its lightweight and easy to travel with! Simply put it in any travel bad or backpack. Our Toddler and Toddler Plus nest are made with a heavy weight cotton twill and will keep up with you & your toddler wherever you may go!

How to Wash Your Products:

Good news! Babies & Toddlers are messy and all our products can be washed, that's right even our baby nests! We're here to make life easy not complicated. For your nests I recommend that you untie the knot at base and ensure the Nest is lying flat before placing it in the washer. You can spot clean where needed but for general washing I suggest using the DELICATE cycle (low spin), a COLD water cycle, during wash ensure cording don’t get caught. DO NOT bleach any products, you can use the air fluff cycle on your dryer for all products or hang dry (this is good for tough stains because hanging in the sun will naturally take those pesky stains away) for nest you can lay flat on top of a dry towel to air dry. Some reshaping may be needed in the side bumpers.

 Washing Machine Instructions:

  • Gentle or Delicate Wash
  • Cold Temperature (40 degrees F or less)
  • Low Spin Cycle
  • Small Wash Load
  • Remove immediately after washing

    Note* Use these settings for either lightly soiled or heavy soiled nests. Use mild detergents!! Stain removers may cause discolouration. Remove Nest Immediately after Washing. If you choose to Tumble Dry on low keep a close eye, as it will not take long for the Nest to dry.


    How to use your nest safely:

    It's time to get serious just for a moment because our babies are the most precious gift.

    When in use:

    • Baby's head should be positioned at the top of the nest at ALL times.
    • When nest is open ensure strings are pulled in.
    • NEVER leave baby unattended.
    • place nest on a flat surface and away from danger.
    • Baby nests are NOT intended as a toy.
    • SIDS recommendations for safe sleeping should always be followed.

    Health Canada Warning:

    Babies should never be left unattended in baby nests, nor should the nests be placed inside another product, such as a crib, cradle, bassinet or playpen. 

    Baby nests should never be placed on standard beds, water beds, air mattresses, couches, futons or armchairs. Placing a baby nest on these soft and uneven surfaces can further increase the suffocation risk.

    The safest place for a baby to sleep is on his or her back, alone in a crib, cradle or bassinet that meets current Canadian regulations.

    When buying a product for a baby to sleep in, it is important to keep the following in mind:

    • A baby's sleep surface should be firm and flat.
    • Products with soft surfaces or padding should be avoided.
    • Products with attached cords, strings or ribbons pose a strangulation risk.
    • Large openings or gaps in a baby's crib or other sleep environment are unsafe.
    • Health Canada does not recommend bed sharing or products that are intended to be placed in the adult bed, or attached to the adult bed, because of the risk of suffocation and entrapment. Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada recommend room sharing, using a crib, cradle or bassinet next to your bed, as a safe alternative to bed sharing. Research has shown that it is beneficial for babies to share a room with one or more caregivers, as it may reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

    Note* For co-sleeping and sleeping standards please visit the following sites for more information:


    Shipping Estimates: 

    *Please Note turn around times are currently 3-4 weeks, this is an estimate* Each item is made to order unless otherwise stated with Ready to Ship.


    If you selected Letter mail Shipping via Canada Post, your order is not insured or tracked and delivery timelines may vary (up to 8-10 weeks in some places in Canada and USA). We are unable to replace your package if it gets misplaced by Canada Post. If you would like to upgrade to tracked or expedited shipping please send us a message at evergreenbabyshop@gmail.com 

    Return/Exchange/Refund Policy: 

    *Please note we do not take cancellations or issue refunds. We will exchange your product if it’s damaged in delivery and replace with the same item and print that your purchased. We are a small home based business and each item is hand sewn with love for your littles. Each item goes thru a quality check before shipping to you.